Increase Competition!

Published on Author Michael Keszkowski

Two case studies from the County of Essex.

BID 09-050: Operation of the Commissary
(Total Savings $450,000)

Incumbent increases commission to county by $150k a year. In recent history, only one vendor bid on the jail commissary. Through portal, 3 vendors showed up for the bid walk through and 5 unique vendors downloaded the bid spec making the process more competitive forcing incumbent to increase commissions over current rate.
BID 09-254: Operation of Food Services at the Hospital Center
(Total Savings $840,000)

Incumbent drops price per meal totaling $230k a year. For the last bid on this opportunity, only one vendor bid on the  Food Service for the Essex County Hospital Center. Through portal, 4 vendors showed up to the bid walk through and over 20 vendors downloaded the bid spec, making the process more competitive forcing incumbent to drop price per patient meal.