Kickoff 2018 with a new Purchasing Website!

Published on Author Michael Keszkowski

Kickoff 2018 with a new Purchasing Website!

ProPortal is turning 10 in 2018 and has set the standard with an affordable, user-friendly purchasing portal currently used by Essex, Hudson, Bergen, Middlesex, Cape May and Cumberland Counties in New Jersey.


Simplify the process with ProPortal!


ProPortal is more then just an email notification system, it is tool used to streamline your day-to-day operations.  Schedule future opportunities and ProPortal will automatically deliver the email and fax notification on the advertise date.  Post an addendum and notify the vendors to download the latest changes.  Check the notification and download logs to track the opportunity activity.

Do you have a stale vendor list?  ProPortal will clean your current vendor list and also provide you with access to our “Open Vendor Database” of over 8k active vendors currently used by our existing accounts.

Want a test drive or a demo?  Just call 973-786-1105.