ProPortal 2.0!

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Administrative Dashboard

  1. Upgraded calendar view
  2. Quick search
  3. Consolidated administrative tools for easy access:
    • Record updates
    • On-demand notification to vendors
    • Vendor list and reporting
    • Notification history and reporting
    • Vendor submission results and document download

Vendor Response Manager

  1. Real-time integration using Amazon S3 technology
  2. Secure document storage using Amazon S3 bucket policies
  3. Vendors can add/remove documents until the bid due date/time
  4. Questionnaire option
  5. Dynamic administrative reporting dashboard

Vendor Business Classification

  1. Upload multiple classification certifications
  2. Email notification to vendors if certification is expiring
  3. Integrated administrative reporting displaying vendor classification type

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Michael Keszkowski

Michael "Kesz" Keszkowski, a founding partner at ProPortal LLC, is a web solutions expert, husband, father, fisherman and surfer with the desire to create clean, reusable source code.