Administrative Dashboard

Administrative Dashboard

The Admin home screen gives a calendar view and list view of upcoming opportunities.

Links for Creating an Opportunity, Viewing All, Portal User Admin, Reports, Commodity Admin and Settings can all be accessed from this page.



Month View

To View a day with opportunities click on a link next to the date in (). The number in the () will tell the number of opportunities for each day. In the example to the right, The date is the 4th and there are 9 opportunities for this day. To view a list of these opportunities, click the (9). The day also has quick links for the following:


Jump to any month using the date drop down and click view month. Also use the <> links to navigate the calendar.

To view all opportunities for the month click Total Opportunities – 12 (total number will be displayed). This will bring up the grid view to administer opportunities for the entire month.


List View

The list view for the Month, will provide a condensed view with only showing days that have opportunities. This view provides the same functionality as the main calendar view with shortcut links to print, view change log, download history and download to excel. Click the number of opportunities to view the gird of opportunities for each day.

Quick Search

Enter search criteria and choose a field to search to quickly find an opportunity. This option also exists on the Viewer page. Search results will come up in the editable viewer page.

Report Results show up in the data grid for quick viewing and editing.

Click View/Update to view full information and make updates to the opportunity.