Create a New Opportunity

Create a New Opportunity

Click the create icon to create a new opportunity and complete the form.

Fill in the above fields with opportunity information. If you have this in a word document already you may copy (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v) into the text field.

Choose the requesting agency from the drop down.

Choose from the drop down to select from an existing agency contact to pre-populate the fields. You may edit any of the fields after entered:

ADD TO THE DROP DOWN, by adding users in the settings and click add admin account. To remove names, you must completely remove the accounts through the edit admin account link. Please note, if you remove a name from this list, they will also no longer have access to the admin.

Continue to enter the following information.

Begin typing the name of the commodity and a list will appear with all closest matching to your input. Type in the letter “A” and all commodities starting with “A” will appear. As you continue to type the name the drop down will auto-complete.

Click the highlighted row of the commodity for this opportunity so it appears in the text box. To close the list, scroll to the top of the list and click “Close/Clear”

After clicking  you will see this commodity type appear under the header “Assigned Commodities for this Opportunity”. To add another commodity, clear the text box by highlighting it and clicking delete or backspace on your keyboard, and begin to search the list again.

Click the to remove a commodity from the assigned list.

The commodity listing is the unique variable used to automatically notify vendors who have registered accounts, that an opportunity they may be interested in is available.

Do not use any special character sin the commodity name such as ” & ‘ 

Date issued will be the day it is posted live on the site. To take a posting down, change the posting date to a date in the future. All registered vendors will be notified at 9 AM on this date via email or fax.

Enter the date in MM/DD/YEAR format or click the   to choose from the calendar view.



Leave this section blank for initial opportunity posting.  Please click here for more information on awarding a vendor.


Upload the Opportunity the PDF Bid Document and Addendum Documents

Choose Opportunity type of uploaded document:

Click the browse button to search for the file: